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What are Netflix cookies?

Netflix cookies are basically the data saved in a Netflix user’s web browser. This data or cookie which is stored in the browser can be copied and used to view Netflix content in any other browser.

Before we proceed further with the concept of Netflix cookies, let’s understand a few things about “Netflix” and “cookies”.

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About Netflix

Netflix is a premium streaming platform which gives you access to thousands of movies and TV show episodes. With Netflix, you can watch unlimited video content without any ads. The best part about Netflix is that you get more for less. The pricing is so affordable that many people prefer Netflix over cable and satellite services.

However, this article is not for those who are already using Netflix subscription. It is for those who want to use Netflix for free. So, let’s understand how this can be done.

How to use Netflix?

Netflix can be used free for 30 days. After that, you can choose to continue the service or you can cancel the service. It is a month-to-month subscription service and you can enjoy the service for as long as you want unless you choose to cancel the subscription.

How to use Netflix for free?

If you’re like me, you love free things. I guess this is the reason you are here in the first place. You need to know how to use Netflix for free. Guess what, you are about to find that out in a few seconds from now.

But before that, you have to understand what Netflix cookies really are and where you can find them. Also, you might want to know the things you’ll need to get the cookies working. To understand this, consider reading about cookies and how they work in a browser.

About cookies

Cookies are the small files stored in your web browser after you visit a website. The file is in text format and can be easily edited and deleted. This means that you can copy cookies of a site you visited and paste into the browser of another computer. This way you can import and export cookies from one computer to another computer.

The process of importing and exporting involves a browser extension which you’ll get to know about in the later part of this article.

About Netflix cookies

Netflix cookies are the cookies of a Netflix account which are being used by a browser. They are stored in the browser of a user’s computer and the user can choose to do anything he/she likes with the cookies. 

In basic terms, for someone who doesn’t have a Netflix subscription, Netflix cookies are the free ticket to watch Netflix shows. All you have to do to is find the right source to get free Netflix cookies and integrate them on your browser. The process to do this has been explained in the following paragraphs.

How do Netflix cookies work?

When a Netflix user logs in with his/her user id and password, the data gets saved in the browser by default. This data is in the form of cookies. 

The saved cookies can then be exported from the user’s browser to any other browser on any other computer. Once the cookies are placed in a different browser or in a different computer, the user can use the Netflix account without using any username or password.

Where and how can you get Netflix cookies?

There are many websites which offer Netflix cookies for free. The cookies providers have Netflix premium accounts and they share the cookies from their browser on their website. You can easily copy these and paste on your browser.

To understand how you can do this take a look at the steps below:

Step 1: Open Chrome Browser. Search for an extension called Editthiscookie and add it to the browser. You may look for similar extensions for other browsers.

netflix cookies scr 1

Step 2: Once you install this extension, you can import cookies to your browser. Copy the Netflix cookie from the relevant website.

Step 3: Select the import option from the extension and paste the cookies in the referred box. Click on save.

netflix cookies scr 1

netflix cookies scr 3

Step 4: Open in the same tab. You’ll find that you are logged in to Netflix without using any username and password.

Below are some links to find Netflix cookies:


1. Is it safe to use Netflix cookies?

Yes, in most cases they are safe to use.

Netflix cookies are basically the small cookie files from a users Netflix account that gets stored in the user’s browser. The cookies that you find on websites are shared with the user’s will and consent. The only part that you have to do is install an extension and add the cookies. 

Having said that, you need to be cautious about the source where you get these cookies from. The best option to use Netflix without worrying about safety is to get a Netflix subscription.

2. Is it illegal to use Netflix cookies?

As mentioned above, the cookies are shared with the consent of Netflix account users. There is no violation of Netflix policy in this process. Hence, there is no question of legal issues when using these cookies. However, consider checking the authenticity of the cookies before using them on your browser.

3. Do you have to pay money for using Netflix cookies?

No. There’s no payment in the process. You can use these cookies for free. However, in some cases, you may find people asking you to share your details with them in return for the cookies. You’ll have to use your good sense in such case and make your decision.

4. What happens when I change the cookies?

In most cases, the cookies work for only a certain period of time. You’ll have to change the cookies from time to time to use Netflix for free. You can visit the website where you get the cookies from and check for updated cookies to use. Changing the cookies will activate your free Netflix account again.

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